FTC announces substantial update to IdentityTheft.gov

The Federal Trade Commission announced a significant update to the one-stop website, IdentityTheft.gov. The update comes as a response to President Obama's 2014 executive order directing federal agencies to create a consolidated site to aid consumers. 

IdentityTheft.gov now guides consumers through filing a complaint with the FTC and then provides a personalized recovery plan designed to address the specific identity theft complaint at hand. In addition, the website offers an array of tools that enable victims to generated the documentation needed to notify the authorities, the credit bureaus, the IRS, and others. 

This video explains how IdentityTheft.gov works: 

The FTC reports that over 490,000 complaints about identity theft were receive in 2015; and the Department of Justice estimates the number of identity theft victims to exceed 17 million Americans. 

The FTC offers an extensive amount of online resources to law enforcement, attorneys, advocates, businesses, and consumers to help fight and prevent identify theft.