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FTC announces substantial update to

FTC announces substantial update to

The Federal Trade Commission announced a significant update to the one-stop website, The update comes as a response to President Obama's 2014 executive order directing federal agencies to create a consolidated site to aid consumers. now guides consumers through filing a complaint with the FTC and then provides a personalized recovery plan designed to address the specific identity theft complaint at hand.

Identity Theft

Federal Law Aids Consumers in Fixing Credit Reports Due to Identity Theft

When an identity is stolen, the theft usually leads to the fraudulent use of personal identifying information. The use of stolen information such as name, Social Security number, and date of birth fall victim to identity theft when used to obtain electricity, gas, open a checking account, and even attain employment.

When new accounts are open, thieves usually don't stick around to see their financial obligations through. In turn, furnishers start reporting negative information to the credit reporting agencies. The new information gets assigned to a credit file that matches the name, Social Security number, and date of birth of an innocent, now victimized, consumer.