How to Dispute a Credit Report

How to Dispute Credit Report
How to Dispute Credit Report

Obtaining your credit report is the first step in disputing any inaccurate or wrong information which may appear on it. Federal law requires the three national credit reporting companies, Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union, to provide you with a free credit report every year. Get your free credit report at; which is the official site to help consumers obtain their free credit report. Inaccuracies on your credit report may negatively affect you. If you find wrong information on your credit report start here:

Contact the credit reporting company in question. The disputing procedure can be initiated online.

  • To dispute a credit report from Experian,click here.
  • To dispute a credit report from Trans Union, click here.
  • To dispute a credit report from Equifax, click here.

Credit reporting companies must investigate disputes made by consumers. Thirty (30) days after the dispute is initiated, credit reporting companies are required to provide consumers with the results. The results should be accompanied by a free credit report. If the disputed information has not been corrected following the credit reporting companies dispute procedures, consider seeking legal action.