Experian Ordered to Produce Consumer Disclosures in Native Format

In the Case of Dixon v. Experian and Green Tree...

UPDATE: Plaintiff prevails on Motion to Compel documents against Experian. To read the Order & Opinion: Dixon - 61 - Opinion and Order on Motion to Compel and Protective Order.

Case Background

On July 2, 2013, a Indiana consumer filed suit in federal court against Experian and Green Tree Servicing, LLC for neglect and willful violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The case is currently in the discovery stage. During the discovery stage, each side is allowed to conduct depositions, request relevant documents, ask interrogatories, and/or serve admissions. In this case, as the discovery was unraveling, Plaintiff requested specific documents from Experian their native format. Experian objected and drove Plaintiff to file a Motion to Compel with the Court.

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Click below if you’d like to review the brief accompanying the motion to compel:

Dixon - 38 - Brief in Support of Motion to Compel Against Experian