Consumer Reporting Agencies

What is a Consumer Reporting Agency?

The term "consumer reporting agencies" is a statutory term defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the "FCRA"). Consumer reporting agencies are often referred to as "credit bureaus" or "credit reporting agencies." Under the FCRA, a consumer reporting agency is a company that collects information and provide reports on consumers that are most often used to decide whether to provide consumers credit, insurance or employment. The following is a list of companies that identify themselves as consumer reporting agencies:

National Consumer Reporting Agencies

Credit Report Resellers

  • CoreScore Credit Report (aka Credco)
  • ID Analytics
  • Innovis
  • L2C
  • SettlementOne Credit
  • ACRAnet
  • Statewide Credit Services

Employment Screening/History Reports

  • Accurate Background
  • American DataBank
  • EmployeeScreenIQ
  • First Advantage
  • GIS
  • HireRight
  • Infocubic
  • Intellicorp
  • Lexis Nexis Screening Solutions
  • Trak 1 Technology
  • Verifications Inc
  • The Work Number
  • Sterling Information Systems
  • Insurance History Reports