The Other Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs)

The national consumer reporting agencies (Trans Union, Equifax and Experian) are the most well known CRAs but there are others. Here we have begun to collect information which will assist you in identifying those CRAs and, if necessary, disputing inaccurate information reported by those agencies.

CoreLogic Credco

CoreLogic Credco is a consumer reporting agency. Specifically, CoreLogic Credco is what is known as a "reseller." In other words, CoreLogic Credco generates consumer reports from data obtained from Trans Union, Equifax and/or Experian. Although CoreLogic Credco is a reseller, it is subject to the same duties and obligations that the FCRA places on the national consumer reporting agencies, including, the duties regarding accuracy, reasonable procedures and consumer dispute processing.

If you discover that CoreLogic Credco has created a consumer report about you which contains inaccurate information, you can and should dispute that information directly with CoreLogic Credco. You can dispute credit information with CoreLogic Credco at:

CoreLogic Credco | Consumer Relations Department | P.O. Box 509124
San Diego, California 92150 | (800) 637-2422 | Reinvestigation Request Instructions