Who is allowed to pull your credit report?

Who is allowed to pull your credit report?

Not just anyone can pull your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, the federal law which governs credit reporting, allows credit reporting agencies to generate your credit report under the following circumstance and no other: 

  • by written request from you or a guardian
  • by court order
  • by request from a state or local child support enforcement agency
  • by request of others who intend to use your credit report:
    • to extend credit (including landlords and utilities)
    • to collect debt (debt collectors)
    • for employment purposes
    • for insurance underwriting purposes
    • to determine eligibility for a license or government benefits
    • to determine if you meet the terms of an account
    • for business transactions

Are Consumers Ordering Credit Reports Online From Experian Being Billed For Monthly Credit Report Service Without Their Consent?

Possible Unauthorized Charges By Experian Cento Law is currently investigating claims that Experian, a national consumer reporting agency, directly or indirectly through its various other websites, such as FreeCreditReport.com, ProtectMyId.com, LowerMyBills.com, ClassesUSA.com, Pricegrabber.com, may be charging consumers for credit reports or credit reporting services without their authorization and consent.